Beating Hip OA – Staying Symptom Free

When you eliminate your most troublesome symptoms you essentially have three options:

1) Get back to normal life and forget all about your hip OA episode. It’s possible that you’ll never have problems again.
2) Keep working at maintaining what you now have – take steps to prevent the imbalance tipping over from functional to pathological.
3) Continue working to eliminate the imbalance entirely.

I chose the third option, but I’ll share my thinking on options 1, 2 and 3. Continue Reading

Mobility Exercises for Hip OA

Have a try at these exercises and see if any of them help get your spine, pelvis and hips moving a little better. Don’t force it – if something seems to help incorporate it into your training. When it stops helping stop doing it! Remember, your body is a moving target whilst you’re working on correcting your imbalances. An exercise that doesn’t help today might produce awesome results in a few months time, so retry the exercises periodically. Continue Reading